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Priorities & Values

Love coming here, feel so supported and I feel so much happier. Wish I had done it sooner.

It is the aim of Women's Work to deliver a holistic, individually tailored support service to vulnerable and disadvantaged women. We want to ensure they can access support, education and information addressing trauma, to raise self-esteem and confidence to enable and empower them to make and sustain positive life changes and choices.

Women's Work Priorities:

  • We will improve the health and wellbeing of women and their families through the provision of holistic and accessible support services
  • We will reduce substance misuse amongst women, targeting street sex workers and other vulnerable women by facilitating access to drug treatment
  • We will support women offenders by offering advice on a range of issues relevant to their needs in an attempt to reduce the incidence of re-offending
  • We will provide a service which is open, non-judgmental and inclusive
  • We will deliver educational/learning opportunities/development of life skills and therapeutic interventions

Women's Work Values:

  • We will provide a safe women-friendly space
  • We will recognise the full potential in every individual
  • We will always show respect to service users and do all we can to maintain the dignity of all individuals who access our service and organisation
  • We will value and recognise the small but significant steps that individuals make in their attempts to initiate change
  • We will provide a confidential service built on trusting professional relationships
  • We will build co-operative, reciprocal and sustainable relationships with staff, partners and stakeholders
  • We will deliver high-quality effective service with integrity
  • We will operate with flexibility to meet the changing needs of service users and stakeholders

Our values will be embedded into ‘everyday life’ via our policies and procedures. These articulate those behaviours that underpin our organisational values, differentiating us as the agency of choice for all women with complex health and emotional needs in Derbyshire.

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